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Jayson Hopper

2-time CrossFit® Games athlete

February 18, 2022

The interview

How were you introduced to CrossFit®?

I was introduced to CrossFit® in college when I walked into a class to train for college football. I knew CrossFit® to be both for strength and cardio and to train properly for football, I needed both. It only took a few weeks for me to fall in love with the sport and watch all the documentaries.

What motivated you to enter your first CrossFit® competition?

I was motivated by just the desire to compete. I grew up playing sports and once I found out that CrossFit® held competitions, it was an easy decision. My first competition was a local comp with a partner when I was 18. When we took first place, I knew it was something I would continue to want to do. I love the adrenaline of competing. That nervous feeling you get right before the clock starts and the race to the finish.

Throughout your experience competing at the CrossFit® Games, what was your most memorable moment?

My most memorable moment at the CrossFit® Games was just being on the floor. It was a dream come true and after watching other athletes do it for years before me, it was so cool to have the opportunity to live it myself.

How do you manage your personal life while training as a CrossFit® Pro athlete?

Managing personal life with training is just making sure my priorities are aligned correctly. I have a strong support system that holds me accountable if I begin to neglect a part of my life that is valuable.

"Integrating GOWOD in my training prep makes a huge difference on my sessions."

Jayson Hopper
2-time CrossFit® Games athlete

What’s the biggest learning experience you’ve had?

The biggest learning experience I’ve gotten is when I made the transition to a full-time athlete. Before being full time, I neglected a lot of the details such as eating right, recovering correctly, and sleeping. I trained like immature and without much seriousness. When I became a full-time athlete, I learned that the best takes every aspect of their life very seriously.

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How does a typical training week looks like for you?

Training volume/intensity depends on what part of the season I am in. Typically, I try to get 2 sessions in a day, one in the am, and one in the pm. These sessions last anywhere between 2-3 hours. If I am closer to competitions, the volume and intensity is much higher.

How do you personally integrate GOWOD into your preparation?

I integrate GOWOD into my training prep by doing a PRE WOD protocol before training and a Daily typically before going to bed, and it makes a huge difference. The Daily protocols help me stay loose and allow my body to feel good throughout the day and the PRE WOD protocols help me during my sessions.

How often do you work on your weaknesses and how do you hammer them?

I work on my weaknesses every day I'm in the gym. This looks like either practicing the technique itself or building the capacity of the movement.

What’s your goal for the current season?

My goal this year is to be better than the Jayson from last year both mentally and physically.

What would you recommend for the everyday athlete that wants to perform at the Open?

My advice would be to hammer those things that make you nervous. Make sure that when the Open comes around, you have put in the work both in the gym and at home (including GOWOD) so that you have no regrets when it’s over.


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