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Justin Medeiros

2021 and 2022 CrossFit® Games Champion

January 19, 2022

The interview

How were you introduced to CrossFit®?

My mom was the reason I first stepped into a CrossFit® gym. I was 13 years old training with the high school wrestling team and we were spending hours in the weight room. My mom told me that she went to an hour long class where they did a warm up, workout, and cool down where the workout lasted only 8 minutes. I thought it was impossible to get a workout in that quick. Eventually she talked me into giving it a shot and I have been in love ever since.

What motivated you to enter your first CrossFit® competition?

I have always been an athlete and super competitive in everything I have done. The first competition that I did was a local comp at my home box. I thought it would be fun to see how the work I have been putting in the gym compared to others around me.

Throughout your experience competing at the CrossFit® Games, what was your most memorable moment?

Even though I have only been at the CrossFit® Games twice, I feel like I have so many amazing memories. But the one that tops them all is crossing the finish line of 2021 on the last event and embracing my parents. That moment will stick with me forever because they have been supporting me since day 1 and are watching my dreams coming true.

How do you manage your personal life while training as a CrossFit® Pro athlete?

It's honestly hard to find balance when you are competing at the highest level. I don’t ever feel like I am sacrificing anything though because I am doing what I love and I have the support of my family and friends. I am also thankful for obtaining my college degree this last semester so I can fully focus on CrossFit®. During the season it is 24/7 CrossFit® but after the games it is my time to take a couple steps back and have some fun.

"GOWOD is a part of my everyday routine."

Justin Medeiros
2021 and 2022 CrossFit® Games Champion

What’s the biggest learning experience you’ve had?

The biggest learning experience I have had in competition was in event 2 at the Ranch in 2020. It was a sandbag hill run and I got passed in the last couple feet. This one stuck with me because I knew that I was passed because I let off. I crossed the finish line knowing that it wasn’t my best effort and that’s a feeling that I never want to happen again.

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How does a typical training week looks like for you?

In a typical training week, I take one complete rest day and another active recovery day. The other 5 days are spent training. In season I usually am spending 6 hours in the gym training and 2-3 hours of recovery work.

How do you personally integrate GOWOD into your preparation?

GOWOD is something that is part of my everyday routine. I use a specific hip flow protocol that I perform in the morning, then a PRE WOD protocol before my first session every day and I finish each training day with a 22 min protocol to help relax before I go to bed.

How often do you work on your weaknesses and how do you hammer them?

I work on my weaknesses every day. That is why I train. I remember listening to Mat Fraser in an interview when I was trying to qualify for the games and he said “I train to not have a wheel house.” I have been striving for that ever since.

What’s your goal for the current season?

This season, definitely being the best Justin I’ve ever been! Giving everything, I have, with no regrets!

What would you recommend for the everyday athlete that wants to perform at the Open?

I always tell people to have fun with their training. When you are having fun and training with friends you are going to push yourself harder and want to come back the next day. That is what is so great about the Open. It is the ultimate community event where people can have fun, get together, and get some good fitness in. I encourage every affiliate to make the open a fun community building event where people get to have fun with their fitness.


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