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Frequently asked questions

General information

What is GOWOD?
How can GOWOD help me?
What does the word “WOD” mean?

The GOWOD mobility test

How does the GOWOD mobility test work?
When and how do I complete my initial GOWOD mobility test?
Why is my profile can be different of my greatest weakness?
I made a mistake when performing my mobility test. How do I reset it? 

Creating and managing your GOWOD account

How do I create a GOWOD account?
How do I change the language of my GOWOD app?
How do I change the email associated with my account? 
How do I change my password?
I’ve forgotten my password. What should I do?
I haven’t received my new password. What should I do?
Can I use my GOWOD app for free? 
How do I manage my personal data?

GOWOD Premium

What is GOWOD Premium?
How to subscribe to GOWOD Premium? 
Why has my payment failed? 
How can I manage my payment method?
Which payment method can I use for my GOWOD subscription?
How do I change my GOWOD Premium monthly subscription to a six month or annual subscription? 
How do I obtain an invoice for my GOWOD Premium subscription? 
How do I cancel my GOWOD Premium subscription? 
How can I be sure that I unsubscribed from GOWOD Premium? 

Login problems

I can no longer access my Premium account! What should I do? 

Understanding and optimizing the use of the GOWOD features

What are the various different GOWOD mobilization protocols? 
What is the best time of day to perform my GOWOD protocols?
How often should I perform my GOWOD protocols to see real progress?