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An innovative concept

At GOWOD, we understand that your priority is to offer the best possible experience to your members. We also know that it can be challenging to understand the needs and capabilities of each member.

The GOWOD affiliate platform is a revolutionary system that adds value to both your members and your staff, while improving the overall experience within your gym.

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A tailor-made solution

Perfectly adapted to your gym and business

Optimized coaching

Optimize your coaching by accessing individualized mobility data for your members.

Efficient protocols

GOWOD automatically creates personalized mobilization protocols for each of your members, and automatically adapts them to your CrossFit® gym.

Exclusive benefits

A 10% commission for you or your staff members on every sale of a GOWOD Premium subscription, and a 10% discount on the GOWOD Premium subscription for all your members.

At your service

Added value for your staff and members


Get an overview of your members' mobility. Access all global and individual statistics.


Allow your staff to access the platform, sell discounted GOWOD subscriptions, and earn commissions.


Add the WOD into the platform and allow your members to access their personalized mobility protocol from their GOWOD app.


Increase your retention rate by encouraging your members to mobilize with a specific purpose, in order to perform better and avoid injuries.


Enhance your members' experience by selling discounted GOWOD Premium subscriptions, also generating commissions for you and your staff.

Bring value to your clients.
Provide your staff with a commission.

Thanks to you, your members benefit from a 10% discount on the GOWOD Premium annual subscription. The seller (you or a member of your staff) receives a corresponding 10% commission.

Together, let's collaborate to improve the fitness, motivation, and success of your members.

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Frequently Asked Questions

General information

What is the GOWOD Affiliate Platform?
How can I get access to the GOWOD Affiliate Platform?
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The Dashboard

Can I choose the Top 3?
How can I update my number of members?
Can I change the data available from my dashboard?

Your Staff

How can I add a staff member and/or delete a staff member?
How can I edit the information and the access rights of my staff members?
My staff can’t edit the “Program” and/or add a new member to our GOWOD Affiliate Platform
I invited a staff member, but he/she didn’t receive any email to confirm his/her account.
My staff already have a GOWOD account, do they use the same account to have access to the GOWOD Affiliate Platform?
Can I change my email address?
How can I change my password?
How can I change my profile picture?
How can I update my profile?

Your Members

Why don’t I have any members available yet?
I don’t find one of my members, why?
How can I have access to my members' mobility data?
How can I sell a GOWOD membership to a member?

The Program

Does the “Program” section generate workouts? How does it work?
How do I enter a workout?
Can I change the title of a workout?
I entered a movement, but can’t find it, what can I do?
My staff can’t edit the workouts of our “Program” section, why?
Why don’t my members have access to the WOD through their GOWOD app? to generate their Pre and/or Post WOD protocols?

The Sales

I sent a payment link to a member, but he/she didn’t receive it.
I sold a subscription to a member, and he/she wants to cancel it, what can I do?
Why can't I find a member when I try to sell a GOWOD subscription?There are different options:
How long can I leave my money on my Stripe account?
How do I get my money back?
What tax regulations apply to the commissions I earn from my GOWOD subscription sales?
Can I sell a subscription to someone who is not from my CrossFit Affiliate?

Need more help? Contact the GOWOD team at owners@gowod.eu