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Gabriela Migala

5-time CrossFit® Games athlete

January 19, 2022

The interview

How were you introduced to CrossFit®?

I discovered CrossFit® at the end of 2015. I was still in high school and was playing tennis. A CrossFit® gym just opened up very close to where I used to live at the time and I was just curious to try it out. My first workout was terrible, I’ve never touched a barbell before and I had to do snatches. I was so irritated that I could do it so I keep coming back to learn it. But every time I found something I could work on so I think that’s why I felt in love in it. There is always something that you can improve.

What motivated you to enter your first CrossFit® competition?

Since I was a kid i loved competing in everything whether it was competing with my cousins, school tournaments or tennis. With CrossFit® it’s the same. I won my first CrossFit® competition in a local gym. Competing in CrossFit® felt a bit different than competing in tennis, it felt more natural.

Throughout your experience competing at the CrossFit® Games, what was your most memorable moment?

The most memorable moment from last CrossFit® Games is the heat win in event 6 & 7. It was the events with heavy cleans and running. The atmosphere in the coliseum was electric, and crossing the finish line first and hearing all those people cheering me on was magical.

How do you manage your personal life while training as a CrossFit® Pro athlete?

Saying no to my friends and family become very hard and painful. Moving to Mallorca really helped me with not feeling bad about constantly saying no to them. I miss them very much, whenever I have some easier week like for example deload after a competition, I always try to do my best and visit them.

"I love starting my day at the gym with a PRE WOD protocol."

Gabriela Migala
5-time CrossFit® Games athlete

What’s the biggest learning experience you’ve had?

I’ve learned so much from all the competition I did so far. I think that the most important lesson for me was to actually believe and trust myself more. It’s not always the best to stick to your plan 100% sometimes it’s better to go more by feelings and risk it a bit during competition.

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How does a typical training week looks like for you?

I train twice a day 5 days a week. Usually, two sessions take me around 6h per day. On Thursday I swim and Sunday it’s a complete rest day. Type of workouts really depends on the time of the season. I keep the outside running and swimming sessions all year around.

How do you personally integrate GOWOD into your preparation?

I usually use GOWOD protocols twice or 3 times a day. I love to start my day in the gym with PRE WOD protocol. It’s very convenient, I don’t have to think too much about my mobility work. I just put all the movements I’m going to do in the app and then automatically the app comes up with the perfect personalized protocol. Sometimes, after the session, I really like to cool myself with the POST WOD and every evening I finish my day with the Daily protocol which is focused on my weak spots.

How often do you work on your weaknesses and how do you hammer them?

I work on my weakness every day. My approach is always the same, giving everything, I have during my trainings will make me stronger during the competitions, and I’m giving even more when it comes to my weaknesses.

What’s your goal for the current season?

My goal for the current season is to podium at the CrossFit® games.

What would you recommend for the everyday athlete that wants to perform at the Open?

My advice is to enjoy the process. Be patient and really focus on the basic. Take good care of your body by doing a solid warm up before every session and work on your mobility because it’s gonna help to build a strong foundation.


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