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Find here all the news of the GOWOD app.

Use your equipment in your GOWOD Daily protocols

From now on, you can use your own mobility equipment at home, during your Daily protocols! Indeed, some day, GOWOD improve the variance of your protocols adding some exercises that require a massage ball, a band or a foam roller. You don't have equipment? No worry, enter it in the settings and GOWOD will adapt... as always!
  • With or without equipment, it's up to you!
  • New exercises integrated into your DAILY protocols for more variety.

Brand new interface

Discover the brand new interface of your GOWOD app! Even more functional and intuitive, it has been built and designed to optimize the efficiency of each session, improve the visibility of all your data, and offer you an unparalleled experience!
  • Your dashboard at a glance
  • Optimal visibility of your detailed data
  • Even more responsive and accurate

Dual mobility priority

GOWOD now takes into account not just one, but 2 of your main body areas to improve. Thanks to the double priority, the GOWOD algorithms that generate your protocols for you are now more efficient and personalized than ever!
  • Automatic prioritization of the areas to be improved
  • Ultra-customization of mobilization protocols
  • Videos explaining the importance of mobility for each profile

GOWOD Challenge To help you establish your goals and reach them!

Choose the number of mobility hours that you want to complete over the next 30 days. Establish your strategy by setting reminders so you become more consistent and stay motivated! Accomplish the challenges, be rewarded and collect trophies!
  • Become more consistent by challenging yourself 
  • Set reminders 
  • Collect GOWOD Challenge trophies 

Choose your equipment 

GOWOD further personalizes your protocols by adapting to the equipment you have with you for your mobilization sessions before your workouts!
  • Deselect the equipment that you do not have with you
  • GOWOD adapts and finds replacement exercises 
  • Mobilize yourself before every workout, without any equipment constraints


GOWOD now allows you to access all of your favorite exercises! Press the “heart” icon when you see an exercise you like and include it in your list of favorites!
  • Add your favorite exercises to your list
  • Select or deselect your favorites as you wish 
  • Easily add exercises to your favorite exercises